How to take care of your tattoo


Tattoo Clean FieldHere are some things to do before you come in for your tattoo:

Keep your consumption of alcohol the night before to a minimum and get a good, full night's sleep. Stop drinking coffee/caffeine six hours before your session--because it is a stimulant and can make you bleed more-- this also includes energy drinks. Make sure you have eaten something substantial one to two hours ahead. Drink water and feel free to bring some snacks with you if you know that you're going to have a long session. You may also bring your own pillow, blanket, Smart phone or iPad to keep you comfortable. Sometimes it's nice to have a friend with you; my shop is pretty small, so please bring only one person with you.

Do NOT exercise beforehand the day you get your tattoo, or even the day before, if your workout is a strenuous one. Plan on not exercising after you get your tat for the rest of that day/evening; you need all of your endorphin reserves to receive a tattoo and will probably be pretty tapped out after receiving it. (You may go workout/ride your bike/play basketball, etc. the next day but be careful not to get dirt or sweat in your new tattoo.)

Wear loose and comfortable clothing to your sessions because we may have to move it around to reach the area where you want to be tattooed. If you're female and you have very difficult, painful periods, don't schedule a session for the first day of your period-- a week afterwards is usually better. Your endorphin and hormone levels will be more even then and the tattooing process will not be as painful.

If you have or are coming down with or are just getting over a cold or flu, PLEASE RESCHEDULE-- never come in when you are sick or injured! Your immune system is already fighting to get rid of your illness or heal your injury and you may not have enough endorphins to get through your tattooing session. Also, the other people who might be in the studio don't want to be exposed to whatever it is that you have if you're sick.

Please be ON TIME for your all of your appointments; this includes your consultation. (I can't believe I have to say this, but apparently I do!) If you're late, it may affect the other appointments I have scheduled after yours. My hours are by appointment, so I come into the shop FOR YOU. If you can't make it to your appointment, please call me at 503 807-7863 and let me know ASAP. When you cancel at the last minute, not only is it irresponsible, inconsiderate and wastes my time, but it also means that I can't get another client in to take your appointment, which affects my other clients, as well. If you make an appointment and then don't even show up, not only is it super rude, but then I wonder where you are and what happened to you.

Please give me at least 24 HOURS NOTICE if you have to cancel your appointment! I repeat: Please give me at least 24 HOURS NOTICE if you have to cancel your appointment!


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