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What is a "touch up"?

After you have received your finished, completed tattoo, sometimes as it heals down it may lose some ink, due to the natural way skin heals. If you follow your artist's aftercare recommendations, your tattoo should heal down properly. You may come back in to have it "touched up" if you have lost a lot of ink, but some loss is to be expected; your artist can tell you whether your tat needs a touch up just by looking at it. If you come back within four months of your original appointment, touch ups are free (except for hands and feet, which are not.) If you want to add some elements or new color to your tattoo, that is not a touch up and you need to pay your artist for it. Sometimes, a tattoo, such as a cover up of old ink or a scar, will need what we call "polishing", which is a last application of ink to completely and utterly finish it. It's different from a touch up and there's a charge for it.

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