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How long will it take to get my new tattoo?

The time it will take to have your new tattoo completed will depend upon the tattoo size, design and placement, you and how your skin behaves and the skill of your tattoo artist. Your artist will be able to give you a rough estimate at the time of your consultation after getting all of the particulars from you and probably an even firmer estimate after creating your design/drawing. If it is a large piece, we may need several sessions to complete the work and we usually need at least three weeks between sessions, depending on how your body heals---sometimes we may need four. The application process itself will go better and faster if you are calm and do not move. Following my recommendations in the "Care and Feeding" page of this website will help. If your skin welts up a great deal, the process will take longer. Also, many medications affect how your skin and body react to being tattooed.

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