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What is the best place on my body to get my tattoo?

Placement, or position, is a really important aspect of getting a tattoo and can make or break a tat. Ask your artist at the time of your consultation what would be a good place to have the tattoo that you're thinking of; many places on the body (hands, feet, elbows, knees, ribs/flank, skull/necks, groin, etc.) are not optimal places to receive a tattoo or have ink, especially if it's your first tattoo. Many artists will not put important imagery in an area of the body where it bends, as the ink will probably be forced out of there over time and ruin the design. I do not tattoo the tongue, lips, ears, fingers, arm pit, elbow, knee, the groin area or toes. For skulls I will tattoo behind the ear only, (if there is space) with small, simple designs. For hands and feet, I will tattoo a small, simple design, on the tops only.

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