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I have an old tattoo that I want covered up. What should I do?

You should come in to see your artist with your new idea/image and ask them if that would make a good cover up tattoo. They will tell you if they think your old tattoo can be covered up (camouflaged) and if the image that you're thinking about can work as a new, cover up tattoo. The new image should be fairly graphic; photos don't work. Areas of flat color don't work either, generally, especially if they are colors that are light in value-- like red, orange or yellow. Most tribal designs, where there is just positive space (black ink) and negative space (no ink) don't work either. Cover up or camouflaged tattoos are tricky and have to conform to the "Cover up/Camouflage Formula", which is that they need to be: bigger, darker, more detailed with lots of line work and gray shading, and more colorful with colors of dark value (purples, dark greens, deep blues, etc.) We will also use the position of the old tattoo, the new image going over it and the virgin skin around it to move and fool the eye. Cover up tattoos are usually done in stages: outline, gray shading and then the color. Each stage needs three weeks to heal before we can do the next, so they take longer and are more expensive than regular tats. Sometimes we may need to pump some white into the old tattoo first and let it heal down (especially if it's really dark), to get it to shift to a lighter value, before putting the new image over it. So cover up tattoos require patience. I have tons more information on my Cover Up Tattoos page; go check it out.

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