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Once I have a particular artist in mind, what should I do?

You should contact them and make a consultation appointment; those are free and in-person meetings where you bring printouts of visual references of your concept and you discuss your vision for the piece in great detail with your artist. Please be organized and do your research BEFORE you come in. It is exceedingly annoying to sit there waiting for you to scroll through your smart phone looking for some image that you thought you saw on somebodies social media page somewhere but now you can't find it! If your tattoo idea is small and simple, the artist may perform the tattoo for you right afterwards, if they have time. Most custom tattoos require that the tattooer spend time planning and drawing out your idea. They will collect a deposit (usually a small, non-refundable amount like $40) that goes towards the cost of the tat. Be prepared to pay the deposit when you're at your consultation. Your artist will contact you when the prep work is done and schedule a time for you to come in and get some ink. If you live out of town, state or the country, I'm willing to work with you over email, but you must call me with your card info to give me a deposit before we get very far and I do any actual prep work.

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