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Lovely Lotuses

I recently met two wonderful women who are medical practitioners, whose names start with a "D". As far as I know, they are not acquainted with each other but their projects are remarkably similar. They both have lower back tattoos they were looking to cover up. They both chose lotuses as the main imagery. And they both let me have creative control, which always makes for fantastic tattoos, especially cover ups.

This is Danielle. Her cover up is limited to her lower back, but it turned out beautifully. She says, "The three lotus flower tattoo with paisley and some Hindi design attributes was exactly what I was looking for to cover up my Christian fish on my lower back. The fish was my first ever tattoo when I was twenty years old and it was designed by my then husband. As we have been divorced for over thirteen years now, it was time to cover it up and do something for me!

"The three sessions we did together were amazing. It was relaxing and fun, all while getting a tattoo! I had forgotten how they felt and Victoria was great and more than accommodating when I needed a brief break. With a total of six hours together, it was a pleasure to get to know Victoria and have an enjoyable experience with her in her shop! I look forward to my next tattoo with Victoria!"

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline and gray shading, plus the (very fresh) final color photo.

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It's About Transformation

When Marriah first came to see me, she had a really old chest tattoo that she wanted to know if I could cover. She had a general idea of the imagery she'd like to use but was open to my suggestions. We settled on a Phoenix (such a cool concept) and when she came up for her drawing check and pump white session, she was happy with the design I created. But as she thought about it, she wondered if maybe I could cover another old tattoo she had on her back (that I didn't know about.)

She says, "I had been contemplating getting my thirty three year old tribal chest tattoo covered for quite a while. In the last eight years I have consulted with local artists in Corvallis and even paid a deposit once, but I was never comfortable enough to move forward. This time around I decided to look outside of Corvallis. I conducted hours of research and reviewed web sites for multiple artists around Oregon. After reading through Victoria’s website I was extremely impressed. The information she provided was so thorough that after reading through it I only had one question; when is your first available appointment?

"She provided detailed information about herself as an artist and her experience. She explains very clearly what her processes are and what her expectations of me, as a client, are. Outside of establishing that she had the experience and knowledge I was searching for, I truly felt like I knew her already and through those feelings I determined that Victoria was a professional, straight forward, no nonsense person and that I would really appreciate her work style and ethic. After actually working with Victoria, I can now confirm that all of my feelings and assumptions were absolutely correct.

"After my first consultation I was so thrilled that I began to contemplate having a second tribal tattoo on my back covered also. I was concerned that Victoria might be annoyed with me for changing my mind after she had already completed the design for my chest. To my delight, she quickly became as excited as I was for expanding our project together.

"I gave Victoria a few personal requests for the design and then gave her creative freedom and I am thrilled with the final results. This new (one of a kind) tattoo project is not just a simple cover up request. It represents my entire being and my aspirations of mental and physical wellness. Victoria has been and will continue to be a crucial part of this amazing journey I am on. I drive four hours round trip to see her and if she moved her studio, I would drive eight hours to see her. In addition to Victoria’s fantastic tattooing abilities and her amazing work ethic, she is a rad chick! Even though I know our sessions together will be painful, I look forward to hanging out and having great intellectual conversations. I am extremely thankful that I found Victoria/Floating Lotus Tattoo and I cannot wait to see the finished product."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawings, before (chest), outline and gray shading, plus the final color photo (chest).

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Growing a Bouquet of Wildflowers

Last year Claire came in to see me about a couple of old tattoos on her lower right arm that she wanted covered up. An avid hiker and "outdoors person", she wondered if we could use some Pacific Northwest wildflowers to do the job. I said as long as the ones covering the old tattoos were dark, it would be no problem, so we used Columbine, wild Geraniums and California Poppies, among others. I left the design open, so that if she ever wanted to extend the tattoo into a sleeve, she could.

This year we are doing just that-- adding more wildflowers, a bee, a butterfly and a Junebug (or a Firefly, as we call them out here.) We're also covering up a gray work tree on the back of her upper arm.

She says, "I feel like I've been growing a bouquet of wildflowers up my arm, lol. It looks AMAZING! Tree, what tree? You are a magician."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline and gray shading, plus some color photos.

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Her First Tattoo

Lela called me up one day and asked if I thought I might be able to help her with a memorial tattoo for her mom. She was a bit concerned, as she'd never received ink before, but she was ready to commit. She knew she wanted it on her forearm, so that she could see it every day, but wasn't really sure about what imagery to use. After I asked her what kind of things her mom liked, she said, "Well, she did like frogs, but I don't know that I want a frog on me!" She eventually decided that she would like a design featuring the infinity symbol with birds flying up her arm and her mom's date of birth.

She says, "I want to give a positive shout out to Victoria at Floating Lotus Tattoo. Victoria is an amazing artist. She made me feel so comfortable during our tattoo session; it was my first tattoo.

I am extremely amazed how talented Victoria is with her work and I am very content with her beautiful art. If you want an awesome and beautiful tattoo, this is were you would want to go. Please go check out her art-- it's amazing. Thanks again, Victoria-- job well done."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, outline and final gray photos.

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Watercolor Garden

A photographer by trade, Teresa had some very specific ideas about the style of cover up tattoo she wanted; she just wasn't sure it would be possible to tattoo over her old burn scar. It took up most of her lower right leg, but it was fairly flat, so when she came in to see me about it, I thought we might be able to create something gorgeous together.

After some discussion, we decided on a botanical piece that would feature the birth flowers of the birth months of her five children. She really liked the soft, watercolor style of tattoos that are so popular right now. I had to be honest and tell her that that particular style doesn't last very long, especially if the colors are in the red/pink range--- even more especially if you don't use an outline and gray shading to define the shapes. Watercolor style tattoos can sometimes work to cover old scars but you still need to follow the Cover Up Formula (see my Cover Up Tattoos page) for them to be effective.

We worked together on the colors, with some back and forth, and in the end we were both happy with the way the piece turned out. She says, "You did such an amazing job on my leg. I don’t think I can come up with the words to thank you."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline and gray, plus the final (very fresh) color photos.

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Samurai Dragon

Matthew was looking to cover up some old tattoos he had on his chest and clavicle areas. They were pretty dark and a variety of different styles.

He brought in a couple of really bad ass images of Japanese Samurai masks with Asian Dragon illustrations that I thought might work well. After I did some of my own research into Samurai masks, I drew up a fairly complicated design based on that concept. But first we had to pump some white into those old tattoos to get them to turn a bit gray, so that the new black ink going over them would stand out more.

He says, "For a while now I have been wanting to do a cover up of some old tattoos-- an old sacred heart and some terrible tribal ones on my shoulders. To cover this, I knew it was going to take an artist who specializes in cover up work. I started Googling and found many artists out there who do cover ups, and judging the outcome of their work, it was evident not all artists are truly skilled in this type of tattoo work. I came across Victoria's website, and when I came across her personal thoughts, I knew she was the one. Her intro and her explanation alone took 20 minutes to read; Victoria knows what it takes to truly cover up old work. I took in a few pictures that I had, and we talked about the layout and the design."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, and very fresh outline photos.

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Tying it all Together

Michelle had collected a lot of tattoos, but when she came in to see me for the first time, the ones on her back were unfinished and fighting in style. They represent her heritage (her mum is from New Zealand), hense the Tikis; there was an unfinished Hermit crab, plus there was also an unsuccessful cover up in the mix, that had created a scarring in the middle of her back. Her piece had good bones, it was eighty percent complete, but just needed some help to become completely realized.

So we fixed the Tikis and rose cover up right away, added more vines to the top, plus ferns and waves to unite the bottom part. Now we're working on adding color to the whole thing to create a lovely finished back piece (see the drawing-- I took a photo of her back, printed it out and drew on it-- the first photo).

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, and color process photos.

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Put a Branch on It

Last year, Alisha came in to see me about covering up an old tattoo that she had on her right foot. The details are a little fuzzy now, but we settled on an evergreen branch with a pine cone, for the imagery. I did the drawings but life interfered, as it sometimes does, and she was not able to come in to have the work done until several months had gone by; then she contacted me earlier this year to say she was ready to complete the project. Luckily I keep all of my drawings, and I was delighted to hear from her. I think the final piece turned out very well and I'm happy that she is pleased with the outcome.

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline and gray shading, and final color photos.
[*This is a project from before Governor Brown's COVID-19 mandate went into effect.*]

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Forest Scene

When he contacted me for a cover up tattoo project, Tommy had a lovely idea for what imagery to use; he had an old ring tattoo and some scars on his left forearm, and he thought we could use a tree growing up his hand, turning into a forest/wood, complete with a deer in the background.

He says, "For some time I’ve wanted to cover my past scars and marriage up with my new life but didn’t know how or with what, exactly. I knew I wanted a nature scene to go with my new life and new hobbies but I couldn’t find the image I had in my head on the web so I decided the best thing to do was find the right cover up artist.

"So I began searching and found Floating Lotus Tattoo. After meeting with Victoria and giving her some ideas and listening to her feedback, I knew I had found the right artist for me. Somehow Victoria took what I had in my head and drew it up perfectly for me. I was pretty set on no color but she quickly changed my mind!

"I am so thankful for the work and effort Victoria puts into her clients and artwork! I will continue the forest scene with Victoria and any other tattoo in the future."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, outline, gray shading, and final color photos.
[*This is a project from before Governor Brown's COVID-19 mandate went into effect.*]

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Buffy Slays!

Erin had some vericose veins on the inside of her lower left leg that she was interested in seeing if I could cover up with a tattoo. I have covered vericose veins before, and it's usually very easy-- the easiest type of cover up I perform, actually. When she came in to see me, she had a rather interesting concept idea--- one I hadn't seen much of before.

She says, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer is more a show about growing up than it is a show about vampires. 

"The scythe is a culmination of seven seasons of character development and heartbreak. [Erin also wanted to use Lethe bramble flowers; a great idea for further camouflage purposes, if she develops more vericose veins.]

"I was going to get a surgical procedure to fix the vericose veins in my leg, but this was better: more affordable, less recovery time, and way more beautiful. Thank you!"

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline, gray shading, and final color photos.
[*This project was completed before Governor Brown's COVID-19 mandate went into effect.*]

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