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Buddhist Back Piece Cover up

dianeAfter taking the Precepts, Diane was looking for a way to make her Buddhist vows more real, more concrete. She came to me with several ideas for how to accomplish this goal with tattoos; she was thinking of using images of the Buddha, Kuan Yin and lotuses to create the base of a back piece cover up. She wasn't sure how each image should look or how everything would go together but I told her that was no problem-- I could totally help her with that. We started with a traditional Thai Sak Yant tattoo (the Gao Yord, for protection) on the back of her neck and went from there, tattooing the Buddha and lotuses in first and then adding a Sak Yant Ganesha on her right ribs and Kuan Yin on her left ribs. We put Prajnaparamita with her mantra in script overhead, just below the central Buddha. Then we added cherry blossoms and tied it all together with swirling Tibetan clouds. Click on the Read more link to see a couple of the drawings and the before and after photos.


Buddha drawing

Kuan  Yin drawing


diane before

diane after

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