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beckyBecky and her husband Rob came in to see me for Becky's first tattoo. She says, "Getting this (first) tattoo was a big step for me. When I was younger, I made the decision that I was never going to get a tattoo, ever. I wanted to preserve the natural beauty of my body and I thought a tattoo (obviously something that scars the body) would somehow take away the naturalness and perfection of the human body that I thought so highly of. After living in Portland for just a couple years (I come from a small town on the East Coast) I began to see how beautifully sacred tattoos are. I began reading about the history and ancient rituals of our ancestors and how they used tattoos as a way to document their lives and signify milestones of triumph, joy, honor, loyalty, adventure, pain, heartache and love. I see tattoos as a visual story of the soul, and since this was my very first tattoo, I wanted it to tell the story of my path. As a yoga instructor, I have always been drawn to the Sanskrit teachings of Satya (Truth). My own Truth always seemed to elude me and growing up in a Christian household I felt lost in many ways, unable to truly express my deepest desires and passions freely. The tattoo I chose for myself (a turquoise lotus flower with the fifth chakra Sanskrit word meaning "reflection" at my throat center and the Sanskrit word for Satya or "Truth" at the base - heart center - of the tattoo) is complimented and surrounded by the outward flow of henna art to signify freedom of self-expression. It's a symbol of transformation, healing and connection with the very essence of myself. On my 33rd birthday, the day I got my tattoo, I feel closer to my truth as I reflect on my past, present and future. This tattoo serves as a milestone and a reminder for me to always live the highest vibration of myself which is truth in sensitivity, connection, equality, and love. And I already have plans for my next tattoo." Click on the Read more link to see the drawing and outline photo.


becky drawing

becky outline


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