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Underwater Sea Creatures

matt2Matt has several existing tattoos on his left arm but he wanted to tie them all together with a sleeve based on his love for diving. Also, he and his wife Nicole found an amazing illustration of several fantastical sea creatures that he wanted to use throughout the tattoo. When he came in for his consultation we got into a conversation about kelp and how cool it is; I was thinking how great it would be to use kelp as a unifying motif; I had visions of it swirling around his arm, with a couple of starfish embracing his existing tats. He says, "For years I have been thinking of a way to communicate my love for free diving. To train, I would dive down to the anchors of the kelp and sit Indian style around them. As I sat there I would become one with the kelp, moving along with it and really becoming one with the environment. When you become one, sea creatures that you didn’t even know to exist start to make themselves visible. I chose Victoria because of a tattoo she did for my wife. The peacock feather was such a beautiful piece of art, I knew she could bring the flow I would witness on the sea floor to life in a way that would blend with my vision. It was also important to me to incorporate my other tat pieces, because they are all the story of my life. I couldn’t be happier and am very anxious for the next session." Click on the Read more link to see the drawing and outline photos.


matt drawing

matt outline1

matt outline2

matt outline3


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