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Feather and Floral Coverup

nicoleI tattooed a peacock feather on Nicole's right upper back and shoulder/collarbone area a little while ago; now we are working on covering up an old butterfly tattoo on her upper back/neck. We're using calla lilies for that piece. (See the first drawing by clicking the Read more link below.) She decided that she wanted to continue the peacock feather theme for a half sleeve but also add several flowers/plants that had significance for her. We added poppies, a thistle, some ferns and a fiddle head fern growing up and around her arm to her back. (See the second drawing below.) Nicole is married to Matt, (my June feature) and they are both working with me concurrently, tattooing their left arms. I wonder if they planned it that way. :-) Click on the Read more link to see the drawings, before picture and gray shading photos.


nicole draw1

nicole draw2

nicole back before

nicole back


nicole arm


nicole arm inside


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