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Henna-style Scar Cover

jeannineGetting a tattoo can be a great way to cover up a scar. Jeannine came to see me about covering over a scar on her left forearm. She says, "I had four surgeries over eight years to correct wrist problems. The last two (and most recent) left a three inch scar on my forearm. I decided to change the conversation from 'How did you get that scar?' to something more pleasant and interesting. Having had a Hindu wedding, I wanted the design to be based on the simple henna tattoo done for our wedding. I showed Victoria the design, as well as a few other drawings I liked. The result was better than I expected. Simple, yet elegant. Even two years later, I'm still getting compliments and it's hard to even notice the scar. From pain, comes beauty." Click on the Read more link to see the final piece.


jeannine final


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