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Waves for Friends

sabrinakelliPeriodically, I tattoo people from out of state who want to get a tat while they're on vacation here in Portland. As there are so many tattoo artists in the city now, and so many good ones, I feel honored to be chosen. Sabrina and Kelli are friends who have known each other since 11th grade. They were here to check out Portland and wanted to get custom tattoos featuring waves somehow. They each drew some sketches while they were on the plane and presented them to me when they came in for their consultation appointment. Kelli wanted something small on the top of her upper back below her neck, so for her, we put together a design based on a small part of the drawing I created. Sabrina wanted a right shoulder piece and decided to take the middle out of the drawing, as she liked the simpler look of that better. Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, and Sabrina's photos (I didn't get a shot of Kelli's tat.)


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