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Seed of Life

WillFor his first tattoo Will was thinking that he wanted to use a design from sacred geometry. He sent me some images of the Flower of Life symbol and when he came in to get inked we worked up a design together. It was simpler, and featured the Seed of Life, which the Flower is based on. He wasn't sure if he wanted color or not, so we came up with two versions--- one with color and the other without. Adding color really emphasized the central flower element, which was not prominent in the non-color version. He says, "For me, the meaning of the tattoo design evolved. The center point represents origins and non-duality and the singularity (the point pre-Big Bang). The color symbolizes our spiritual evolution and the galaxies and the atoms in our universe." Click on the Read more link to see the drawings and photo of the finished piece.


will's drawingwill final


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