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Five Feathers

AaronLast year Aaron and I completed his left sleeve-- see "Leaping Water" on my blog for that story. This year, we're working on his right sleeve- a feather project. He says,"Animal totems have always resounded with me and I've been drawn to large birds since childhood. This tattoo project began with three feathers that hold symbolic connection to people in my life; then I opted to bookend those with two others of private symbolic significance. They are: Great Horned Owl- atop the design, it symbolizes silent wisdom through observation; something I've needed and strived for in recent years. Bald Eagle (juvenile)- along with a reference to my father, Eagle is a symbol of balanced power; juvenile because I will be seeking this value for a long time to come. Red Tail Hawk- a personal totem for me, harkening back to my early childhood; the first bird of prey I related to, and symbolic reminder to release oneself to the spirit-guided vision of the wind. Blue Heron- my daughter and I were gifted by a perfect Blue Heron feather that floated right into my hand while kayaking this past summer; Heron symbolizes the stable self reliance from confidently walking one's own unique path in this life; my wish for her. And lastly, Raven - nearest my hand, a symbol of creative, mystic transformation; a theme that has taken hold for me in the past year, and the result of seeking truths in this existence." Click on the Read More link to see the outline and gray shading photos.


Aaron drawing 1Aaron drawing 2aaron outline 1Aaron outline 2Aaron gray shading


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