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Sak Yant "Cover Up"

HaleyWhen she was 17, Haley had a small tattoo of some colored wings performed on her upper back. Now that she is older, she wanted to cover up the old tattoo with new imagery that better reflected where she is in her life at this time. She wanted to use Sak Yant tattoos (the "t" in Yant is silent.) They are sacred Yantra (prayer) tattoos originating in Cambodia and are practiced in that country, Thailand, Laos and Burma. Like all "tribal" tattoos that feature imagery that use only positive or negative space, they don't work very well for true cover ups. (See my FAQ page to read about successful cover up tattoos.) But with the addition of some gray shading, they can be customized to work better. She says,"At each life milestone I have gotten a tattoo. Each one has meant something to me; whether it's to remain strong, keep growing, keep learning, etc. The meaning behind this tattoo is pretty self explanatory for the person who knows what Sak Yant tattoos represent. They will remind me to live courageously, love fearlessly, and dream endlessly." Click on the Read More link to see the drawing, before, bare outline, and filled in outline photos.


Haley drawingHaley beforeHaley outlineHaley outline fill


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