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Dancing Crane

Sarah KA referral from another client of mine, Sarah came to me with a unique tattoo project. She says,"I wanted a dancing Sandhill crane because it represents my home town. Sandhill cranes migrate from the Northern US and Canada to Southern US and Mexico, stopping in Kearney Nebraska for about a month to recoup and mate. The position that my crane is in is called "The Dance" which is what they do to attract mates, but it is also a beautiful figure. They have been a part of my life since I was born and there has not been a year that I have not gotten to see them, until this year. I moved to Portland a year ago and in April suddenly got very homesick and I finally figured out why; the cranes usually land in mid March and early April. I knew that even though I'm not in Nebraska anymore, I will always be thankful for where I came from and remember it because of these magnificent birds." Click on the Read More link to see the drawing, outline, and final photos.


Sarah drawingSarah outlineSarah final


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