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Implant Scars Cover Up

MaryMary came to see me about covering up some scars. She says, "After having my damaged cosmetic implants removed, I was left with large scars on my breasts. For years, I tried all kinds of home remedies and esthetic treatments to diminish the scars or use products to cover them up. After they faded, I could still see them and I knew they were still there--a constant reminder of the surgery. Before meeting Victoria, I had considered and researched tattooing over the scars but I couldn't find an artist that would do the work-- or even more so, an artist I felt confident and comfortable with, as I did with Victoria. Victoria was open to my ideas about using various flowers and foliage from Scotland's landscapes, which means a lot to me because of my family's heritage. I now wake up every morning and don't make a point of looking for scars, because I've forgotten they ever existed. When I do look, I see a beautiful tattoo; a reminder of my heritage, no scars from the past." (For more info about covering up scars, see the FAQ's page.) Click on the Read More link to see the drawings, outline and color photos.


Mary drawing 1Maryy drawing 2Mary outlinemary finalMary color


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