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Sacred Geometry

BellaBella sent me an image (the white and brown original shown below) and came to see me about making it into a tattoo. She says, "I chose to get a sacred feminine mandala tattoo. I have always been interested in the natural world and how it entwines with sacred geometry. That interest stemmed research farther into the subject, which lead me to how it is actually sacred geometry that connects with everything else--including art. I got this tattoo as a spiritual guidance tool, for focusing attention and being mindful, and as an aid to meditation. I wanted it to remind me that even though it is mostly strong feminine energy that goes into what I do, there is still the balance between divine feminine and divine masculine (the small triangle with its strict solid lines in a mass of feminine curvy lines) and to embrace that in all that it is--plus, the design is pretty." Click on the Read More link to see the original, my drawing and the final photo.


Bella orginalBella drawing Bella final


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