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Swirls of Instruments


One of my favorite clients, Katie and I have been working for several years now on her tattoo projects. She says this about her latest one, "My first large tattoo was a bouquet of flowers that represented the women in my family. I realized that all the men in my family played an instrument, and that could be the foundation for a really cool piece. I didn't want to leave the guys out, and music has been extremely important, not only to my family, but to me as well. My grandfather played sax in a swing band while he was stationed in Belgium during World War II. My dad played professionally until I was born, and music was always around the house. Either someone was playing an instrument or they had a record going. Even when I was very little I was collecting cassette tapes of music, and many of my memories are connected to the music that was playing at the time. Unfortunately, playing music doesn't come naturally to me, so I grew up expressing my deep relationship with music through movement and dancing. My husband and I met at a concert and our first date was at an Irish session he played at in a pub. Now my brother is the pro in the family with his washtub bass. Victoria did an amazing job of helping me bring my idea to reality. By using symbols, rather than something literal, the object can take on many different meanings. It's an unchanging image, but it can also change and grow over time in its meaning and symbolism. " Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, outline, gray shading and final color photos.


Katie drawingKatie outlineKatie gray shadingKatie color 1Katie color2

 Katie color 3

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