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Transforming an Existing Tattoo

Jennifer OJennifer came in to see me about transforming an existing tattoo. She says, "I got a dragon tattoo on my back about eight years ago to represent my connection to my Chinese zodiac. At that time of my life I was really connected to that part of myself; I was learning a lot about who I was. I have no regrets about the tattoo but a recent trip to Nepal inspired me to make a change to it. While traveling in Nepal I became more deeply interested in Shambhala [Tibetan] Buddhism. This tradition introduces four animals that represent different elements of confidence. The dragon represents unwavering strength, a strength bolstered by grace. These teachings truly touched me and I knew it would be wonderful and inspiring to have this depiction on my body. The ink serves as a constant reminder of the amazing journey I had in Nepal and all that transpired for me there. Victoria really listened to my intention and worked with me patiently to create just the design I wanted. She understood the importance of getting just the right image. She was a great pleasure to work with." (For more information on transforming or covering up an old tattoo, see my FAQ's page.) Click on the Read more link to see the drawings, before, outline and final photos.


JenO drawingJen O beforeJenO outlineJenO final


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