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Tribal Transformation

LauraLaura had an existing tattoo on her left flank that she wanted to push in a different direction. She says, "Before I saw Victoria, I got a tattoo I wasn't fully happy with and no one seemed able to help me. The tattoo artists I approached before her were not open to the ideas and sketches I presented. Some got upset when I didn't like their ideas, or said they couldn't do what I wanted--it 'wasn't their style.' I went to Victoria after looking at her website and exchanging emails about 'transforming' the tattoo. Initially she spent a few hours talking to me, looking at what I'd brought, and getting excited about a concept other tattoo artists rejected. When I came back a few weeks later, she had a sketch that was more than what I had described, incorporating aspects that I liked of my current tattoo and beautifully changing what I didn't. Victoria was all about my satisfaction before she tattooed the new ink on my body. She drew what she would tattoo and then asked if I'd like to make any changes to it. Once I confirmed it was great, she got to work and made me comfortable while she tattooed me. Now, a few hours later, the beginning changes have been made [fixing the old tat], and I'm unbelievably happy. The tattoo is truly being transformed!" We are going to stabilize her existing tattoo and cover up a small piece of it. Then we'll add tribal elements to turn it in the direction she prefers. (For more information on transforming or covering up an old tattoo, see my FAQ's page.) Click on the Read more link to see the before, drawings and fix photos.


Laura beforeLaura drawing 1Laura drawing 2Laura fix


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