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Covering Varicose Veins

Diane LWondering if I might be able to help her, Diane came in to see me about tattooing over some varicose veins that she had on her left thigh. I have tattooed over varicose veins before but nothing as extensive as what was showing on her leg, which had spider veins and areas of skin that looked like bruises. Apparently the skin was not bruised; it was actually in good shape-- firm and flat, which made the likelihood of it accepting ink fairly high. I thought it would be a good candidate for the "Cover up Formula" that I use to successfully tattoo over scars, old tats and varicose veins. (See my FAQ's page for more info on cover up tattoos.) She says, "My attempts to get rid of my spider veins on my thigh through a procedure known as sclerotherapy were unsuccessful. The treatments exacerbated the problem. Instead of disappearing, the veins appeared to have bled together and left two red blotches along with the veins. This was not what I had hoped for. Art and the joy of witnessing beauty has always elevated my spirit. With Victoria's skillful artistry, my veins are now transforming into an aesthetic, organic vine and flower design. Thank you Victoria!" Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline, gray shading and final color photos.


Diane L drawingDiane L beforeDiane L outlineDiane L gray shadingDiane L color


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