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Aaron and JimJim wanted a tattoo for himself and both of his sons; he was thinking along the lines of a totem pole or dragon for the imagery. For himself, he wanted to complete a right sleeve. I suggested that the dragon would work better around the ink he already had on his outer arm and forearm. Besides being badass, dragons are organic and can flow around anything. After hearing about the project, his son Aaron decided that he wanted a lower leg piece. He says, "I like the symbology of a dragon bringing together all natural forces--fire, water, wind, etc. And this being a 'protective' dragon, which references protecting family, a father-son-and-son kind of thing." Both of them preferred a European, "Game of Thrones" style of dragon and I had a blast doing the research and creating the drawings. Such a great project! Click on the Read more link to see the drawings and outline photos.


Jims drawingJims outlineAarons drawingAarons outline


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