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Musical Cover Up

KacyLooking for info on covering scars, Kacy found my website and contacted me for some ink.

She says, "Due to some trauma I experienced at a young age, I learned unhealthy coping skills to deal with all the emotions that come from being abused. I turned to cutting and have cut scars all over my body. Every time I looked at my arm or wear short sleeves I was flooded with the guilt and shame from cutting, and the idea that everyone who saw my scars knew that I was a cutter, making it even more shameful. So I decided to turn my scars from hate to love. I love music and it has been my constant companion since I was little. When I listen to music I get lost in the melody and lyrics; afterwards I am more at peace and able to deal with the stuff life throws at you. Since I don't play any musical instrument, I decided to get a pair of headphones with a music graph and notes on it. I also have a semi colon in the graph that fits nicely. The semi colon means that at points in my life I wanted to put a period to stop life, but instead I put a semi colon and have continued on. Victoria drew an amazing design for me after I told her my ideas and what I wanted my tat to demonstrate and signify. I have many other tattoos but Victoria is the best artist I have found to date. She is very light handed in her tattooing, which minimized the pain. I am SO happy with my tattoo and now when I look at my arm, instead of guilt and shame, I see my love for music and am reminded how it has been there for me my whole life."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline and gray photos.


Kacy drawingKacy beforeKacy outlineKacy gray


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