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Memento Mori Dragon

SamanthaAbout a month ago I received a query email from Samantha, who had gotten some ink from me almost ten years ago. I hadn't seen her since then. Now she was wondering if I was the same artist who had worked with her before.

When I replied that yes, I was, she said, "I have lost a very, very dear person to me-- my first love, and a best friend for the past 20 years. We met in May of '96-- we were just kids. His sister is also my best friend. So I would really like a tattoo for remembrance [of him]. The tattoos you did for me before are on each of my legs; I get nothing but compliments on them and they mean so much to me. I want my new tattoo to be custom and I know that's what you do. I want to be able to love this tattoo as much as I love my other tattoos that you did." She knew that she wanted a dragon on her back; her friends and family helped her choose an image and other elements that they all felt would represent her loved one the best. After we tattooed her outline she said, "It has only been a week [since we did the first stage]. But I'm already excited to finish." I have performed many memento mori tattoos; this is one of my favorites because of how her people all came together for Sam.

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, and outline photo.


Sam drawingSam outline


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