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LisaTSometimes a new client contacts me wanting some help with a tattoo that didn't quite turn out how they thought it would. Lisa had a tummy tuck scar that she wanted covered up and went to an artist who hadn't had the benefit of knowing the "cover up formula." (See my Cover Up Tattoos article for more info on that.)

Lisa asked for dragonflies and some flowers to camouflage her scar. Her artist tried to cover the scar with that imagery but the design didn't work; you could still see the scar afterwards. Years later, when she came in to see me, Lisa still wanted the same thing but now her lower abdomen had unsuccessful ink all across it. I suggested we deploy the formula using Clematis flowers behind the old ink to cover the scar and include a larger, more detailed dragonfly. Already, with just the outline and gray shading in, that scar is stepping back. Once the color is in, the scar will totally go down and the new ink will dominate the old.

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, outline and gray shading photos.


LisaT drawingLisaT outlineLisaT gray


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