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Buddhist Completion

WilliamPLiving and tattooing in Portland, many times I'm working with clients who already have ink in the area they want to be tattooed. William had a half sleeve tattoo on his right arm and some ink already on his left. He came in to see me about completing a sleeve on his left arm.

He says, "All my tattoos have deep meaning and reflect my life experience. The half sleeve on my left arm is a reflection of my religious inquiry with both Buddhism and western Esotericism. For this tattoo I opted for an open water scene with the Om symbol to represent Avalokiteshvara, as she is commonly represented floating on a lotus pouring a jar of tears into the ocean. I wanted this to represent my empathy and shared sadness with the world. My western astrological sign is Cancer so it was also nice to incorporate a crab into the scene." I also added some kelp, to tie the upper and middle parts of his arm together.

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, gray shading and color photos.


WIlliamP drawingWilliamP frontWilliamP outsideWIlliamP back


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