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"I Will Rise Up"

Amy KAmy came in to see me about a chest tattoo.

She says, "Early 2017 for me was painfully challenging; I repeatedly found myself on my bathroom floor, in too much pain to cry, wondering how I would get through. It was repeatedly the image of a butterfly that kept me going. Before my dear friend's cancer diagnosis, she was one day lamenting the messy feels of parenting and the judgement of doing it wrong. I had laughed and said I wasn't above sobbing on the bathroom floor, covered in my own snot. I was a motherfucking butterfly. I'd live to spread my wings and rise up. Little did we know, that image of a butterfly would support her through a year of difficult treatment, at the end of which, she would be free of cancer and thriving. And little did I know, I would use the same image to get me through a health crisis that challenged me on every level. Today, I had a butterfly tattooed on my chest, so on hard days or if/when I end up back on my bathroom floor, covered in snot, I can remind myself I will get through this. I will rise up."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, outline and final color photos.


Amy drawingAMy outlineAmy color\


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