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Breath of Shiva

NeerajOriginally from the Kerala region of India, Neeraj is now living in Hyderabad with his wife and daughter. His wife Janhvi is a tattoo artist and has performed all of Neeraj's tattoos. (He showed me some photos of the murals she has painted on the walls of their house and she is a truly talented, amazing artist!)

His tats are nicely done and solid but he wanted to get some ink while he was in Portland on business; he asked my client Paul Thomas who to go to and then contacted me. While Neeraj was in the company office, he looked up and noticed my other client Nick, whom he had not met yet. (Nick was my November 2017 feature on this blog.) "I have to talk to that guy!," he thought to himself. I'm glad he did.

After Neeraj came in to my shop, we talked a bit about the ink he wanted; he thought maybe I could add something to the tiger eyes on his forearm. I said that instead of altering Janhvi's work, we should unite the whole arm and finish out the sleeve. I thought it would be an excellent unifier to add swirls representing the breath of Shiva (the Hindu God of Destruction, Meditation and Ganja, among other things, etc.) flowing out of his mouth, connecting the lower and upper arms. Hopefully Janhvi will agree.

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\Neeraj insideNeeraj outside


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