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Gaia Divine Feminine Garden-- Watercolor Style

KatieEOver the past nine years that I've had the honor and pleasure to work with Katie on her tattoos, I've really enjoyed her calm yogini demeanor and open style of communication, amongst her many other lovely qualities. An educator, she's articulate and does her research without prompting. She also gives me tons of space in terms of design and execution, which is fairly rare. Plus, she's got a great laugh!

This year, we're working on her torso, creating connecting tattoos (front and back) invoking the Divine Feminine, Gaia/Mother Earth, all things growing and transforming, planting the seeds for change. When I asked if I could use these new projects to explore the "watercolor" style of tattooing, which I had limited experience with, she was happily enthusiastic. She even sent me the poem that inspired her.

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, outline, and final color photos.


\KatieE drawingKatie E outlineKatie E final


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