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Hawaiian Flower Power

KeelyKeely is a friend of Jenn's (see June's feature "Hydrangea Garden") and I met her when we were doing Jenn's photo shoot. Keely had a couple of tattoo projects she wanted to work on and this is what she has to say about the one on her left flank we just finished. "The meaning of my tattoo reflects on the person I am today. It reveals my struggles, my successes, and the new direction my life has taken in the past five years. Previously I was in an unhealthy long–term relationship. The day I decided to leave I had no plan, however I knew my quality of life needed to improve and that with my children by my side, we could start over as long as we had each other. I began to work out, eat right, and take control over my life and my decisions. One day I was shopping at a boutique and I purchased a book of inspirational quotes. The first page had a quote that read, “She believed she could, so she did.” This quote hit home for me and knowing that as long as I believed in myself I could do anything! The strength my daughters bring to my life is amazing and I waned to show them that together we could accomplish anything. It also reminded me that I now believed in myself and all that I have accomplished as a single mother and as a woman.

I have always wanted to add something to the quote and when I met Victoria she helped me design the perfect addition. The flowers surrounding the quote are Hawaiian flowers. I took my daughters to Hawaii for their graduation, the same trip my mother took me on for my graduation. The flowers symbolize the “three of us” and how love, beauty, strength and always counting on each other gets me through each day. My tattoo is for me and reminds me that I always have my girls."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, and final color photos.


\Keely drawingKeely beforeKeely final


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