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Phoenix Rising

LorenaAfter undergoing a double mastectomy, Lorena decided that she wanted a tattoo to cover the resulting scars, so she came in to talk to me about it. She says, "The Greek mythological bird, Rising Phoenix, that repeatedly rises from the ashes, represents my rising from the ashes of eradicating breast cancer and it’s resulting eight month treatment: chemotherapy, double mastectomy, and radiation.

Once Victoria and I landed on the Phoenix idea, she created a version in the tribal art form that I love and mixed in a little Haida art style of Pacific West coast indigenous people. Faith resonates in my life and helped to bring me through this health challenge and I absolutely love the way Victoria listened to my request and incorporated it into her design. [I suggested we have the phoenix speaking or "breathing" the word "Faith". See the photos below.]

The entire process was gratifying (even through the pain) in that I now have a beautiful piece of art that I proudly wear every day that reminds me in a positive way of my ordeal."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, and the semi-finished outline and fill photos.


\Lorena drawingLorena beforeLorena outlineLorena fill


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