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Blue Birds Nesting

MeganMia and her lovely wife Melissa came in to see me about Mia's old tattoos. She says, "I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Victoria while searching online for a tattoo artist that specialized in cover ups. The tattoo that I wanted covered was so large that I expected to be turned away at my consultation, but Victoria really eased my fears with the whole process and explained that she doesn’t see cover ups as limitations, but rather, as opportunities.

"I came in to Floating Lotus wanting a tree tattoo because to me it symbolizes the growth & change I’ve experienced in my life, but more importantly, I wanted two blue birds to be the focal point to symbolize our eleven month old twin boys. I had a very basic idea in my head of what I wanted for this tattoo, but what Victoria created was far better than anything I could’ve imagined.

"I looked forward to every appointment with her because she had new expanded drawings that blew me away. The end result was a full sleeve tattoo that actually covered three different old tattoos and I am so pleased with the outcome, especially the birds! I’m very grateful to have Victoria’s art featured on my arm and this tattoo really means so much to me."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline gray and final photos.


\Mia drawingMia beforeMia outlineMegan grayMia final


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