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Buddhist Dream of Nepal

DwayneAs a practicing Buddhist, Dwayne wanted his first tattoo to reflect his faith.

His wife, Carrie Ann, has volunteered for years in Nepal; he always dreamed of joining her and one day, finally realized the dream. They traveled to the Mustang area of Nepal, near Machapuchare (Fishtail Mountain) in the Annapurna, where he observed the devout Buddhist practices of the Nepali people living there.

Reflecting on his own devotion, he wanted his tat to include a chorten (or stupa), the mountains in that region (it didn't have to be any specific one but we settled on Fishtail, as it so memorable) and Buddhist prayer flags. I based the tattoo design on some of the photos he had taken while they were traveling in the area-- see what we came up with.

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, outline and final photos.


\Dwayne drawingDwayne outlineDwayne final


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