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Stellar's Jay Fly Away

MarcusMarcus came in to see me about a cover up on his right arm; he drives up from Corvallis, where he lives with his young family, for every session.

He says, "My original cross never tied in very well with the surrounding floral design of my tattoo; the cross was too square and not 'organic' enough. I knew I wanted a cover up [for it] but at first didn't realize the complexity involved in tying in a new design with the old, and I kind of assumed that any cover up tattoo was on the table as long as it had darker shading and whatnot.

"I eventually discovered Victoria's website, read her information on cover up tattoos, then realized I needed to pick a design that had a certain amount of complexity to its design and had lines that could be worked in to the existing tattoo. That is why I chose a bird, since its wings and tail feathers were more or less oriented similarly to the cross. I gave several 'favorites' to Victoria and she did some research and eventually sketched out a design (Stellar's Jay) that fit perfectly and did an amazing job concealing the original tattoo.

"Honestly, I was a little skeptical this could actually work. But now I see how well a cover up can be done with careful attention being paid to the cover up design. I am very happy with the piece."

Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline, gray and final color photos.


\Marcus drawingMarcus beforeMarcus outlineMarcus grayshadingMarcus Final color


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