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Roller Derby Girl

Cactus TattooHeather thought about what she would want for her first tattoo for a long time. When we met for our consultation, it was obvious that she had done her research, visiting several Portland tattoo shops and coming up with concepts and images that were eminently tattooable. She sent me this comment after we were done with our first session, which she sat for like a champ, "Thank you again for the beautiful way you are helping me express my changes as a person, through the art of tattoo. This piece is representative of a lot of time, people and places that are very important to me. So, I was a bit nervous as to how it would all work out. However, there was no need to fear, as you have been able to take the ideas in my head and bring them forth upon my skin." We will soon be adding a rose to her shoulder to represent her support of the Rose City Rollers. Click on the Read more link to see photos of the initial drawing and the results of our first session.


heather drawingheather outline

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