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chris slaterChris has some cool tattoos on his upper arms done by various other artists around the U.S. and wanted to fill in his sleeves with similar work using Old School (a.k.a. Traditional American) imagery. He had some ideas about specific images that he wanted to include: a skull with a knife jacked through it, banners, eagles, roses, nautical stars, a saying that he had heard that he liked. I was very excited to design and create the forearm pieces that we are working on completing now, as Old School or "Sailor Jerry" style tattoos are so classic and fun to execute (and undergoing an upswing in popularity right now.) And I've been wanting to try my hand at tattooing some larger Old school style tats. Click on the Read more link to see photos of the drawings and the results of our first and second sessions.


chris drawingchris drawing 2

chris gray shading


chris gray shade 2


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