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The Raven

jacobJacob is one of my neighbors here at ActivSpace SE on Main St.; he and his brother Kyle just bought Spoke Coffee on Wheels, which is a great coffee shop located in the southeast corner of the building. He has some nice tattoos by other artists that he has collected; in particular a cool raven on his upper left arm. He wanted to add on to the piece and make it more about what inspired his idea for the work: The Raven, the epic poem written by Edgar Allan Poe. We started talking about what he wanted the piece to convey and then I created a drawing for him, with the idea of having a cellar door behind the existing raven tat and the last part of the poem flowing around his arm, interrupted by flying ravens. "Victoria morphed my weak description of what I envisioned and made a masterpiece. I had an existing tattoo that I wanted to keep and was amazed by how she incorporated the new ideas [with it] to make a meaningful piece of art." Click on the Read more link to see the drawing and photos from our first session.


jacob drawingjacob outline top

jacob outline front


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