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francoisFrancois has just recently taken the Buddhist Precepts and was thinking that it might be nice to get a tattoo to commemorate that step in his life. It would be his first tat. He was looking online for a local tattoo artist and found a friend of his on my website; she had just taken the Precepts with him at the same zendo, Dharma Rain in SE Portland. What an amazing coincidence! When he came in for his consultation, he had a couple of images that he thought might make for a good tattoo but wasn't sure what would work best and left it up to me to decide. He said, "I wanted a tattoo that reflects what I am striving for in my practice and I wanted to give Victoria the freedom to create a beautiful image. This tattoo does that, in that the bamboo represents flexibility/adaptability and acceptance of the wind/conditions. This brings about enlightenment/freedom represented in the leaves which resemble birds. The process of doing this is beautiful, as is the tattoo and all living beings." Click on the Read more link to see the drawing I created for him (Zen style bamboo flowing over his upper arm) and photos from our first session (outline.)


francois drawing

francois front

francois back

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