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Sunflower Cover up

aprilApril had an old tattoo of a sunflower with a little lady bug, on her outer right leg that she wanted covered up. When she came in to see me for a consultation, she knew that she wanted the new imagery to be flowers but she wasn't sure exactly what flowers we should use, although she liked Gerber daisies. We discussed using the birth flowers of her loved ones, as well as the daisies and I created a drawing for her with them all mixed in together, following the Cover up/Camouflage formula: new image is larger, more detailed with dark value colors and use positioning to fool and move the eye. When April saw it she decided that we should just use the Gerber daisies--keep it simple--but that she liked the way I wrapped the flowers around her leg. Click on the Read more link to see the before and after pictures.


april before

april drawing

april outline

april shading1

april shading2

april after

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