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Tree of Life Cover up

sandy1Sandy had two small, old kanji tattoos on her back when she came in to see me about an idea that she had for a complete back tattoo. (See the Before photo below, by clicking the Read more link.) She wanted the tattoo to be about her family--- herself and her two children--with totems to represent each one. The main image was to be the Tree of Life in the rough shape of a dragonfly. At that time, she wanted to keep the kanji in and add more kanji for her children's names underneath their images and the kanji symbol for "Family" in the center of the tree, which would be in the middle of her back. Then she decided that she wanted to take all of the kanji out and to put the Celtic Trifecta in the middle, as that was more in line with her family's heritage. I altered the stencil to reflect that. Then I pumped some white over the old tats and we inked in her grayline. Graylining is a technique that is used for getting the stencil in the skin when there is a large area to cover. I go in super fast and light with a small needle. The resulting line work is not solid or very uniform but allows me to get my "blue print" in the skin, so that I can get the outline in without losing the stencil, even if it takes several sessions. Click on the Read more link to see the drawing and photos.


sandy drawing

sandy before

sandy grayline

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