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Tree of Life

ImageShelly is a midwife studying to be a nurse, who spent some time a few years ago in Senegal, Africa helping women with their health care needs. While she was there she fell in love with the people and the landscape, especially the Baobab trees. Now that she's back in the States she wanted a tattoo that would commemorate her time in Africa, with the baobab tree as a central element but incorporating a setting sun and the North Star. This is the design/drawing that we came up with (see below) and here is a shot of the tattoo as it looked after I tatooed the outline and filled in the tree (click on the "Read more" script below.) Shelly decided that she didn't want to add any color right away, if at all, so I put some gray shading in the backgound to make the sun pop. It will lighten up considerably after it's healed down. To see the finished piece, go to my Tattoo Gallery and look under "Graywork/Lettering" in the Custom Designs section.

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Portland Rose

ImageOne recent Friday I was down at the studio (Icon Tattoo) with some time on my hands, when Hilary called up asking if I had any time to tattoo her that day. After talking with her about what she had in mind, I told her I did have some time that day but she had to come in right then. Ten minutes later she walked in with a temporary tattoo depicting a total "Old School" heart with a rose and a banner (see left) that she wanted to make a permanent part of her. So we did. Here are a few photos of the finished tattoo (click on the "Read more" script below.) It's her first.

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