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Hawaiian Flower Power

KeelyKeely is a friend of Jenn's (see June's feature "Hydrangea Garden") and I met her when we were doing Jenn's photo shoot. Keely had a couple of tattoo projects she wanted to work on and this is what she has to say about the one on her left flank we just finished. "The meaning of my tattoo reflects on the person I am today. It reveals my struggles, my successes, and the new direction my life has taken in the past five years. Previously I was in an unhealthy long–term relationship. The day I decided to leave I had no plan, however I knew my quality of life needed to improve and that with my children by my side, we could start over as long as we had each other. I began to work out, eat right, and take control over my life and my decisions. One day I was shopping at a boutique and I purchased a book of inspirational quotes. The first page had a quote that read, “She believed she could, so she did.” This quote hit home for me and knowing that as long as I believed in myself I could do anything! The strength my daughters bring to my life is amazing and I waned to show them that together we could accomplish anything. It also reminded me that I now believed in myself and all that I have accomplished as a single mother and as a woman.

I have always wanted to add something to the quote and when I met Victoria she helped me design the perfect addition. The flowers surrounding the quote are Hawaiian flowers. I took my daughters to Hawaii for their graduation, the same trip my mother took me on for my graduation. The flowers symbolize the “three of us” and how love, beauty, strength and always counting on each other gets me through each day. My tattoo is for me and reminds me that I always have my girls."

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Hydrangea Garden

JennSJenn had never gotten any ink before she came in to my studio to see me. She says, "I had breast cancer three years ago and chose a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I was left with scars across my chest and felt ugly every day when I looked in a mirror.  Now--- I am not a tattoo person, but last year I decided to have my scars covered up with a mural tattoo because I wanted to feel beautiful in my new skin.

I met with Victoria at Floating Lotus to discuss details of my 'art project'. Over the course of several sessions, she created this beautiful canvas and I completely love it. I would recommend Victoria to anyone who wants a quality job done, while also being entertained by her fun personality, which made me feel very comfortable throughout the process."

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Gaia Divine Feminine Garden-- Watercolor Style

KatieEOver the past nine years that I've had the honor and pleasure to work with Katie on her tattoos, I've really enjoyed her calm yogini demeanor and open style of communication, amongst her many other lovely qualities. An educator, she's articulate and does her research without prompting. She also gives me tons of space in terms of design and execution, which is fairly rare. Plus, she's got a great laugh!

This year, we're working on her torso, creating connecting tattoos (front and back) invoking the Divine Feminine, Gaia/Mother Earth, all things growing and transforming, planting the seeds for change. When I asked if I could use these new projects to explore the "watercolor" style of tattooing, which I had limited experience with, she was happily enthusiastic. She even sent me the poem that inspired her.

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Hamsa Transformation

MichealMichael wanted to cover up an old tattoo that he had gotten on his left forearm-- a marker of where he was in his life at that time. Having outgrown that relationship, he was ready for something new and was thinking the Hamsa symbol for protection would be a prefect cover up image.

He says, "My experience with Floating Lotus Tattoo was perfect. I first met with Victoria to discuss what I wanted to cover my old tattoo with and we scheduled a date to start on the project. She drew up exactly what I wanted better than I imagined it. After two sessions, my old tattoo was gone and I had this fantastic new piece on my arm. I have already received plenty of compliments on it. Her work is amazing, and her cover up formula works so well! Thank you, Victoria for completing my tattoo so perfectly!"

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Lotus Shoulders

KhamLast year in the fall, Kham came in to see me about some keloid scars she had on her shoulders. She didn't have any ink, but was hoping that we could tattoo some lotuses over the scars, after she read my Cover Up Tattoos article (see main menu.) She'd had the scars for a long time and wanted something new.

I told her that keloid scars may or may not hold ink and it's always a bit of a risk tattooing them. But if she was willing to take the leap, we might do something lovely over them. We started on her right shoulder, which had fewer scars, and now just finished up her left shoulder.

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Quetzalcoatl Connection

BenitoReferred to me by another long time client, Benito first came in to see me last year. He asked me to render his beloved dog Kimi into a tattoo for his upper left shoulder blade; that project turned out nicely.

Now we are working on connecting all of the disparate ink he already had on his left arm. At my suggestion, he chose to commemorate his heredity and family, who are from the capital city of Mexico. We are uniting his arm with Quetzalcoatl, the famed Aztec Plumed Serpent God, wrapping him around Benito's arm. When I was in Teotihuacan, Mexico (the famous City of the Dead, which as well as the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon, has many statues of Quetzalcoatl) I took tons of photos, which I used to create the drawings.

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Peacock Cover up

Jennifer MJennifer survived breast cancer, a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery; she came in to see me about covering up her scars.

She says, "Victoria created a tattoo for me that transformed the hideous reminder of a life-threatening illness into a work of art. I no longer look in the mirror and see violence; rather, I see beauty, strength, and transcendence. Victoria worked with me to design an image that would accomplish such a feat. She reviewed the hundreds of exemplars that I had collected and did some research of her own. The process produced something more stunning than I ever could have imagined. The words do not exist for expressing my gratitude."

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Breath of Shiva

NeerajOriginally from the Kerala region of India, Neeraj is now living in Hyderabad with his wife and daughter. His wife Janhvi is a tattoo artist and has performed all of Neeraj's tattoos. (He showed me some photos of the murals she has painted on the walls of their house and she is a truly talented, amazing artist!)

His tats are nicely done and solid but he wanted to get some ink while he was in Portland on business; he asked my client Paul Thomas who to go to and then contacted me. While Neeraj was in the company office, he looked up and noticed my other client Nick, whom he had not met yet. (Nick was my November 2017 feature on this blog.) "I have to talk to that guy!," he thought to himself. I'm glad he did.

After Neeraj came in to my shop, we talked a bit about the ink he wanted; he thought maybe I could add something to the tiger eyes on his forearm. I said that instead of altering Janhvi's work, we should unite the whole arm and finish out the sleeve. I thought it would be an excellent unifier to add swirls representing the breath of Shiva (the Hindu God of Destruction, Meditation and Ganja, among other things, etc.) flowing out of his mouth, connecting the lower and upper arms. Hopefully Janhvi will agree.

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Asian Dragon Cover Up

NickA martial arts practitioner, Nick wanted to cover an old tattoo he had on his right upper arm.

He says, "In the Chinese zodiac I was born in the year of the dragon. As a kid I started reading a lot of swords and sorcery type fantasy books, and there are lots of dragons in those. As an adult I practice Shaolin Kempo, a martial art based around five animal styles, one of which is the dragon. I don't quite fight like a dragon, but I'd like to.  Really, it only makes sense that I should have a tattoo of one. Besides, dragons are badass! "

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Peony Cover Up

KendraKendra came in to see me about some scars she had on her upper right thigh.

She says, "I have self-inflicted scars that I have thought about covering up for years. During my adolescent years, I struggled with depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia. Even though that time in my life was over ten years ago, the scars were still always a reminder. I wanted to cover them with a peony; it's my mom's favorite flower because her mom loved to grow peonies. So now instead of seeing scars that remind me of a painful past, I will see a beautiful peony that reminds me of the strong women that I come from. I am excited for Victoria to add color to it in four weeks! "

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