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An Addition of Dahlias

KariKari had grown a perfect dahlia flower and was thinking about having a tattoo created from it.

She says, "Once I saw the beautiful flower sprout from the ground, my first ever dahlia, I was inspired to add it to my permanent art collection. I knew it would be the perfect accompaniment to my little butterfly tattoo, which I had gotten on a whim while feeling transformative on a travel adventure. I just needed the right artist to bring my vision to life. Victoria did an excellent job listening to my ideas and worked to provide balance and harmony with my other tattoos. With her amazing talent and creativity, she brought to life these beautiful dahlias."

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Tribal Cat

John HWhen John came into see me recently, I had already worked with him on a hip tattoo project. He had some ink on his right hip already and wanted something to balance out his left hip, something in a similar style, which was Neo-Tribal.

I designed and tattooed a Hawaiian tribal style tat for him that was different but complementary to his existing ink. When he came to see me this year, he wanted to build on that and extend some new ink down his left thigh. He wanted something to represent his beloved Bengal cats, so we settled on a tribal cat design.

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Dragons! Dragons! Dragons!

Aaron and JimJim wanted a tattoo for himself and both of his sons; he was thinking along the lines of a totem pole or dragon for the imagery. For himself, he wanted to complete a right sleeve. I suggested that the dragon would work better around the ink he already had on his outer arm and forearm. Besides being badass, dragons are organic and can flow around anything. After hearing about the project, his son Aaron decided that he wanted a lower leg piece. He says, "I like the symbology of a dragon bringing together all natural forces--fire, water, wind, etc. And this being a 'protective' dragon, which references protecting family, a father-son-and-son kind of thing." Both of them preferred a European, "Game of Thrones" style of dragon and I had a blast doing the research and creating the drawings. Such a great project! Click on the Read more link to see the drawings and outline photos.

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Covering Varicose Veins

Diane LWondering if I might be able to help her, Diane came in to see me about tattooing over some varicose veins that she had on her left thigh. I have tattooed over varicose veins before but nothing as extensive as what was showing on her leg, which had spider veins and areas of skin that looked like bruises. Apparently the skin was not bruised; it was actually in good shape-- firm and flat, which made the likelihood of it accepting ink fairly high. I thought it would be a good candidate for the "Cover up Formula" that I use to successfully tattoo over scars, old tats and varicose veins. (See my FAQ's page for more info on cover up tattoos.) She says, "My attempts to get rid of my spider veins on my thigh through a procedure known as sclerotherapy were unsuccessful. The treatments exacerbated the problem. Instead of disappearing, the veins appeared to have bled together and left two red blotches along with the veins. This was not what I had hoped for. Art and the joy of witnessing beauty has always elevated my spirit. With Victoria's skillful artistry, my veins are now transforming into an aesthetic, organic vine and flower design. Thank you Victoria!" Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, before, outline, gray shading and final color photos.

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Bonsai Balance

DarrellDarrell had a half sleeve completed on his right arm, which was for his Celtic heritage. He had a small upper arm tat on his left arm but it was feeling a bit unbalanced, unfinished. As an acupuncturist and a nurse, he wanted to see if he could balance his "western" side with some eastern energy on his left. He says, "I was thinking I'd like a bonsai tattoo because it has a history of over 1,000 years, starting in China, where the tradition was called Pan-Sai. To me, the Bonsai represents the balance between Heaven, Earth and Man. The Bonsai is a symbol of meditation, harmony and peace. It represents enduring strength and protection. It's the Tree of Life. The Bonsai tree is like Man; if we strip away the external influences, what is left is the simplicity and beauty of the soul. This tattoo is art and I wear it with pride. Thanks, Victoria." Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, outline, gray and final photos.

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Tribal Transformation

LauraLaura had an existing tattoo on her left flank that she wanted to push in a different direction. She says, "Before I saw Victoria, I got a tattoo I wasn't fully happy with and no one seemed able to help me. The tattoo artists I approached before her were not open to the ideas and sketches I presented. Some got upset when I didn't like their ideas, or said they couldn't do what I wanted--it 'wasn't their style.' I went to Victoria after looking at her website and exchanging emails about 'transforming' the tattoo. Initially she spent a few hours talking to me, looking at what I'd brought, and getting excited about a concept other tattoo artists rejected. When I came back a few weeks later, she had a sketch that was more than what I had described, incorporating aspects that I liked of my current tattoo and beautifully changing what I didn't. Victoria was all about my satisfaction before she tattooed the new ink on my body. She drew what she would tattoo and then asked if I'd like to make any changes to it. Once I confirmed it was great, she got to work and made me comfortable while she tattooed me. Now, a few hours later, the beginning changes have been made [fixing the old tat], and I'm unbelievably happy. The tattoo is truly being transformed!" We are going to stabilize her existing tattoo and cover up a small piece of it. Then we'll add tribal elements to turn it in the direction she prefers. (For more information on transforming or covering up an old tattoo, see my FAQ's page.) Click on the Read more link to see the before, drawings and fix photos.

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Transforming an Existing Tattoo

Jennifer OJennifer came in to see me about transforming an existing tattoo. She says, "I got a dragon tattoo on my back about eight years ago to represent my connection to my Chinese zodiac. At that time of my life I was really connected to that part of myself; I was learning a lot about who I was. I have no regrets about the tattoo but a recent trip to Nepal inspired me to make a change to it. While traveling in Nepal I became more deeply interested in Shambhala [Tibetan] Buddhism. This tradition introduces four animals that represent different elements of confidence. The dragon represents unwavering strength, a strength bolstered by grace. These teachings truly touched me and I knew it would be wonderful and inspiring to have this depiction on my body. The ink serves as a constant reminder of the amazing journey I had in Nepal and all that transpired for me there. Victoria really listened to my intention and worked with me patiently to create just the design I wanted. She understood the importance of getting just the right image. She was a great pleasure to work with." (For more information on transforming or covering up an old tattoo, see my FAQ's page.) Click on the Read more link to see the drawings, before, outline and final photos.

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Hannah Gets Her First Ink

Hannah and SaraHannah came in with her mom Sara, who is one of my best and favorite clients. It was Hannah's eighteenth birthday and she was ready for her first tattoo. It's a pretty special project and something of a rarity. Their idea was that they would each write in their own handwriting that they loved the other. Then I'd tattoo that on each of their arms. Hannah says, "What my tattoo means to me is that not only does it show case the mother/daughter bond me and my mom have, but it also is commemorative of our friendship that has grown over the past few years. It reminds me that no matter how far apart we might get or where our lives may lead, that I will always have this reminder of someone who loves me dearly. I am so happy that this is my first tattoo, and that I could share it with one of the most important people in my life. Thank you Victoria for making my first tattoo experience enjoyable and for the gorgeous way it turned out!" Click on the Read more link to see the drawings and final photos.

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Pattern and Repetition

LeeLee already had some ink on his left forearm that was geometric in nature, before he came in to see me about a half sleeve. He wanted to continue on the same arm with something in the same flat, graphic style. The imagery was to be a sun and moon with mountains, waves with a cliff and the star constellation Casseopeia (luckily he has a long arm.) He says, "The main thing is to have some sort of pattern and repetition, with the waves being most prominent. I want to stay with just the outline right now but I may add color later, so that needs to be an option." Click on the Read more link to see the line drawing and outline photos.

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Three Koi

BenInspired by a piece of flash (drawing for a tattoo) I drew and hung on one of my studio walls, Ben decided on a koi fish tattoo for his lower left leg. Like all of his other tattoos, he wanted a realistic and colorful portrayal of the koi, and I thought it would be cool to have the fish swimming around his leg. Because we left the water gray, the colorful koi really pop off his leg. He's been a great client for several years now, articulate and informed and I enjoy working on his tattoo projects with him. This is the third large project we've completed. Click on the Read more link to see the drawing, outline, gray shading and final color photos.

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